Facebook Ad Blaster Reviews

Facebook Ad blaster is software that got keywords that are set inside purposely for searching fun pages and groups.

You can quickly identify the members on the fan pages, their location, gender, birthday, public email, and also the public phone.

This software was developed by Thomas Lee, who has shown tremendous gains in this industry. He is also a well-established marketer. Due to the use of this software, many business merchants cannot feel incredulous.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

Facebook Ad blaster works wonderfully and no need to worry after purchasing it. It is much enjoyable to use this software as it comes with different styles and also colors.

The most thrilling part is that it is easy to use, and the benefits are encouraging. Due to the advancing technology, this software has advanced to eliminate future failure.

This should give you an encouragement to have it. Though it comes with a manual on use to use it, here are the steps on how to be experts on how to use it.

Step 1: Installation

Installation of this software is what comes first. Consider purchasing a package that you are sure it will serve you effectively.

Step 2: Searching the fan pages and groups

After installing the software, you can now search so that you can get the fan page or the group information so that you can do the scraping. You will be able to get all the user information on the fan pages and the groups.

Step 3: Interacting with the members of the fan pages and groups

Start interacting with people who like your posts, who share and the ones who comment. It is the best thing because you are sure of getting every detail of the people who have liked your posts.

Step 4: Scanning Members Information

With your Facebook Ad software, you can now scan the user's information, which includes, name, gender, birthday, email, location, and phone.

The software can save all this user information automatically. You need to keep so that you can send emails to people who you think can love your products.

How much does it cost?

Facebook Ad blaster offer different payment modes. It depends much on the kind of support you need. You can be provided with a lifetime license if only you pay for it.

You can also find 3, 6and 12 months packages. Payment is through PayPal. You are sure of a refund if you find that it is not working to your wish.

Features of Facebook Ad Blaster

  • You can get all the public emails and phones automatically with the keywords provides by the software. You get all this information from the likes, comments, shares on the fan pages or groups' members. You will generally add the list of your customer.
  • With this software, you can also get information from the fan page owners. You can get the phone, email, and also the address by the use of the keywords.
  • This software can also check any duplicated information.
  • It is faster to download this software. It is because of fewer questions. With this, you guaranteed of enjoying every benefit that comes with this app.
  • The marketing techniques offered by this Facebook app can significantly help you maximize your sales.
  • In this software, you will also meet other veterans that can advise you on its importance and how it has been of benefit.

Advantages of Facebook Ad Blaster

This software comes with numerous benefits that have made it so popular. Many marketers are taking advantage of this to increases the number
of customers. It has also contributed much to the growth of many businesses. Below is a list of the pros.


  1. It is much easier to target your preferred audience. It sure because Facebook lookalike audience helps you add your email list. The good thing is that you can also send emails to customers from your competitors.
  2. This software is easy to use, and it is hard to leave any person any information on Facebook.
  3. It is one of the most efficient IM software in the market. You can confirm the people who have visited your website. This feature can help you to get information about all your previous visitors.
  4. It offers the best search engine frames.
  5. This software also helps you to target a specific geographical area. It can be a country, a location, village, city, etc. This will help you to get information on the kind of audience you want to interact with. You can save much because you will not have to use all your resources as you find an audience of your choice.
  6. This software operates on Facebook, which is one of the most used platforms. You can add your customers' list within the shortest time possible because of the many people. You will also be able to analyze each person individually.
  7. With Facebook Ad blaster, you do have to have a website. You can sell your entire products to your preferred customers. It enables you to know the interests of your customers.

Who should use it?

This product is ideal for any person who knows nothing about technology. This software teaches one on how to manoeuvre online in search of customers.

It can also be an option for a person who wants to gain maximum profits through the attraction of many customers.

If you a market and you find changes when it comes to finding customers consider this software to be of great help. It can help you to draw a list of customers more quickly.


Contemplate on how to have Facebook Ad blaster software if you are running a business. If you analyze this software, you will realize that you can gain huge profits.

With this review, you will be able to make a wise decision. Many people with this software, also known as Facebook solo Ad blaster, are reaping fruits from how this software has made them gurus in the marketing field. Download Facebook solo blaster to acquire all these benefits today.