Zippo Pay Reviews

Zippo Pay is all about making money online using business software that generates a revolutionary payment system using a payment button. Zippo Pay is a patent cloud-based software developed as the first ever in the online business industry.

The core of the Zippo Pay is its ground-breaking pay-by-lead system of payment. The system gives zippo Pay vendors a rare opportunity to generate order buttons in the Zippo Pay program and the accompanying check-out funnels.

The system is not complicated. It’s similar to normal payment systems such as JVZoo or Clickbank. That also includes its exclusively automated checkout funnels, apart from a difference like clients of Zippo Pay pay by choice.

That’s they refer to a particular number of leads which they exchange with products. The bottom line about using Zippo Pay is its ability to spike up traffic, income, and the amount of e-mail leads you will get.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The creator or author of Zippo Pay is Bryan Winters, who is also the owner at GolLiger Marketing, Inc. Bryan has 15 highly productive years of experience in online marketing and is a popular name among online marketers.

In recent years, he has created several valuable online marketing products such as Zippo Pay, ViraLightning, DLCM System, etc.

What is Included in the Program?

Zippo Pay products come with a series of features which make the program the world’s first social viral “payment button.” These are features you should know about before diving into the program to begin using it.

To help you find out what the program comprises, here is an outline of its main features.

The program includes automation software that helps you get more traffic, significant income as well as e-mail subscribers.

That’s deemed as the best way to work online effortlessly. There is a Zippo Button that you need to paste beside your Paypal option, and the software will do the rest.

Zippo Pay also converts your leads as well as traffic into full profit payment. Thus, you can say that it gives you a full-time online business opportunity.

With the Zippo Pay button, you can activate business’ effortless affiliate sales. Also, this Zippo Pay button drives unlimited traffic to your niche.

The product has a user-friendly setup, and it’s fast. It can help you get more income than PayPal. The program also gives you the option to choose the button you will prefer to display on the page of your offer.

Features like this show that the product is useful in pulling traffic, e-mail subscribers to your digital marketing experience.

How Does it Work? Is it a Scam?

The Zippo Pay button comes as a second option to check out if they don’t check out via PayPal to pay money the normal way for the product on sale. Or they can as well get free using Zippo Pay.

In the program, visitors are given the option to choose to refer people to your offer so as they can get access to it rather than paying for it. That helps them get referral codes which they can share.

The program is similar to having affiliates promote your products, and you do not have to pay them since the incentives they get is getting access to that very product they are promoting.

Also, Zippo Pay Can be Used with the following:

  • Front end offers
  • Online and offline services
  • Physical products
  • High ticket items
  • Trial offers
  • Membership sites
  • During launches, prelaunch, affiliate contests and make paid products viral
  • Zippo Pay works in countless ways

Zippo Pay is awesome and real. It can’t be a scam. It gives you options, and most importantly you are made to invest without any risk, and you are offered 30-day money-back guarantee with a full refund if you are not satisfied with the program meaning that it is reliable.


  1. Technical not required
  2. The software is proven and appreciated
  3. User-friendly and involves only a few clicks.
  4. Time and money-saving
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee
  6. Affordable price
  7. 100% compatible responsive on every device

Who is the Right Candidate for the Product?

Bryan says it is great for newbies looking to expand their digital business and income are the ideal candidates for the system.

This means newbies will need to do quick learning of how the features work as well as email marketing, which is not difficult, especially considering Zippo Pay’s automation system.

Newbies are offered the following; generated Zippo Pay button, he Dumb Little Cash Makers product and the done for you web funnel.

Also, social media following which nearly everyone has will help as a source of traffic.

Apart from newbies, experienced online marketers are go-to candidates for these products as they already understand what Zippo Pay will give them and how to network.

Does the Program Work?

Zippo Pay has actually been working though it needs more time to go viral as it is still relatively new in the market.

The software is an income builder and allows the visitors to your site to choose to pay with cash or checkout via Zippo Pay. People that checkout with Zippo Pay have actually driven more leads to their business site.

You gt the Zippo Pay patnt for your list to be built by “pay by lad” software. This program software works in every niche online.

The program is built to turn a considerable online offer to an income blockbuster. When the offer is more compelling, it works even better.

My Recommendation

I find Bryan to be quite refreshing compared to those unknown product creators out there. I recommend Zippo Pay for both newbies and experienced email marketers.

The latter already knows a lot about digital marketing strategies using similar and mostly inferior software compared to the potential of Zippo Pay.

They will learn how the Zippo Pay features work in no time and use their email lists and social media following to get more leads.

Driving traffic to Zippo Pay is much easier considering the product’s magic button, which uses automation software to drive traffic.

It’s good to do a business that allows you to quit with a refund if you’re not satisfied. If you are new to online marketing software, just be ready to struggle to get off the ground as it is with every other program.