Thumbnail Blaster Reviews

Video already accounts for a massive close on 80% of Internet traffic world-wide. This figure still appears to be growing and video is set to become an ever more important part of the Internet.

This is great news but the video that is displayed in search results or on YouTube will only succeed if the reader actually chooses to view the video.

They will make this decision by looking at the thumbnail. If the thumbnail does not appeal then they will probably not bother opening the video. Thumbnail Blaster is a tool for creating great attention grabbing thumbnails in just three clicks

This is a cloud based software that is so advance, will produce such appealing results that it will pay for itself in no time.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Thumbnail Blaster is created by video marketing professionals, Stoica, and Vlad.

What Is Included In The Program?

With the product you will receive the Thumbnail Blaster software and one hundred ready tested templates. Now do not get confused here.

These are templates and not thumbnails. You can modify these templates to create an unlimited number of thumbnails inside the software. Think of them as starting points.

Thumbnail Blaster is the only AI based thumbnail creator on the market. This will assist in the process of getting appealing thumbnails that people will chose to click on.

At the moment 90% of video bloggers are not using custom thumbnails s there is a great advantage to be had here.

If you are not very confident in this type of work and worry that you will not be able to use the software, then don't, as there are training videos everywhere.

A very useful feature of the program is that it has a split testing facility., so when you are creating a new thumbnail for a video you can make two versions and the application will work out which version is getting the best results.

Once you have decided on a thumbnails, another nice touch is the way that Thumbnail Blaster connects to YouTube and changes the thumbnails automatically.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Using the Thumbnail Blaster is easy

  1. Connect your YouTube account. (A tutorial will pop up)
  2. Its going to display all the videos on your YouTube channel
  3. Choose the video you want to create a thumbnail for.I will be shown at the top of the page.
  4. Click on “Next step”. That will lunch another training video, if you don't need it just close it.
  5. Displayed on the screen will be the actual templates you can choose from
  6. Select a template by clicking “Use Template”, underneath the template.
  7. Once it is displayed you can click on any of the objects on the template and edit them.
  8. It will display the options for each object on the left when you click on them
  9. You can change colors, opacity, text, position; just about anything
  10. You can change the main image to another one from the included library or upload your own.
  11. Once happy with it, you can save as a jpeg or as a template
  12. Since you already have linked your YouTube account you can now just press “Publish on YouTube”.
  13. Then press “Publish”

Is it a Scam?

This software App is far far ahead of the competition and is going to improve your video display performance.. thumbnails are the top factor that will convince tour potential viewer to click, it follows that great care should be taken in designing them. The Thumbnail Blaster is certainly bot a scam and is highly recommended..

List of Good Points

  • Split testing
  • I like the training videos for every aspect of the application.
  • Automatic update of thumbnails on your
  • Price is very realistic
  • Fast acting, you could be seeing results from today, just as soon as you upload your new thumbnails.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Anyone who is publishing to the Internet should be thinking video these days. Whether you are an online marketer, online tutor, blogger, online store owner, vlogger, or whatever. In 2020 your focus should be video and of course every good video should have an attractive and appealing thumbnail.

Does The Program Work?

  • When you buy Thumbnail Blaster you WILL get more views by increasing your click through rate.
  • You will get a lot more views and consequently your video will perform better.
  • With more views, you will get more subscribers, which will improve your future videos performance.
  • You will save a lot f money on templates, designer fees etc
  • You will save time, and you are fully aware how you never have enough time already.

The Thumbnail Blaster is cloud based software so there is nothing to install and you can use it from your phone, tablet, Apple or PC.

It also means there are seamless minor amendments to the software that just happen. This means that you automatically get free updates.

The basic Thumbnail Blaster is all you need to purchase, no hidden extra costs. There are, however, some upgrades which you may choose to buy.

Because we have talked about YouTube so much, I do not want you to think that this tool is just for YouTube. You can use it on Vimeo or Facebook as well.


You can continue to just use the auto generated thumbnails on YouTube. You could order thumbnails to be created on the Fiverr website and pay a lot of money for thumbnails that the designer might like, but you do not.

If you have the skills and the time, you could choose to design your own thumbnails manually on Photoshop. Of course, you would miss out on the split testing and other features, but you could choose to do that. Or you will be professional and purchase Thumbnail Blaster.

As for me, I think it would be crazy not to purchase this software at the special price you can get. It is one piece f kit that will rapidly pay for itself.