A platform like provides you the opportunity to earn more by just filling surveys online that some of the top market research companies provide with average earning per survey being $10 – $80.

Once you register yourself you are then connected to nearly 400+ online survey companies additionally offering you sources to earn an extra income.

These surveys are done to understand the market for a particular product or response of the people towards a particular brand.

Each year more than $35+ billion dollars are spent on market research to analyze the outcome of the product keeping in mind their valuable money and time invested.

The surveys play an integral part in improving the product and service. At present, the scenarios are that many market research is consistently searching for regular survey takers.

These survey takers are not professionals but they may be a student, retired citizen, doing a full-time job, housewives, people looking to earn extra bucks or moms.

These surveys also help you to gain knowledge and makes you aware of the latest products that are coming in the market. The best part of working on these surveys is the time-flexibility.

Who is the Author or Creator?

Patricia Johnson who has designed these survey filling system talks about the benefits of this website and how one can earn maximum just by regularly filling surveys online.

She advises working on these surveys just by regularly checking emails and a lot few minutes for a survey related to shopping.

These surveys are designed in such a way that you can work on these surveys listening to music, watching TV or even talking to some of your friends.

The best thing about these surveys what Patricia Johnson feels is you don't need specialized skills, you do not have invest in developing a website or take financial risks.

Of course, in the market, there are many survey websites but here they have identified those websites that actually pay you.

Here, only the most valuable companies are listed that are willing to pay at higher rates ranging from $50 – $150.

What is included in the program?

When you visit the website you will find the registration button, click on it which will redirect you to the form.

Fill up your details and they have one-time membership fees of $68. Once the payment is done via Paypal or Credit Card you will get the details that what is included in the membership.

So, this membership comes with the list of 300 legit companies offering paid surveys, you also get a free bonus of “Over 300 Additional Work at Home Opportunities”, a free bonus of “Get Paid to Drive”, access to all the surveys, free sample products to try, latest movie trailers, focused groups for a particular product and lastly phone surveys.

You also get daily new and updated surveys right into your mailbox. You also get an option to select companies from the list provided that offers surveys at different rates.

How does it Work? Is it a Scam?

Usually, such websites have a big database that includes a list of survey offering companies. You get an option to select as many companies you like, usually, people select around 10 – 15 companies to get regular updated paid surveys with a link.

Many brands want feedback from their customers to find out the loopholes in the product just launched in the market.

The feedback for any industry works wonders because it shows you the realistic ground report of your sales. This way you can improve the quality of the product by consistently asking for feedbacks.

Now, if we take a closer look you will find that once you register with the website and pay for the membership and start filling surveys, you will notice slightly annoying activities.

At first, you choose a company to start filling their survey and when you complete around 20 min you get a message that you are disqualified from the survey because you are not suitable for this particular survey.

This is not just for one survey, repeatedly occurs for most of the surveys. One more thing you need to notice is that you get the opportunity to work on survey sites for free with some deep research.

The fake promises made by these sites never offer legit work the way you think. They promise to offer you nearly around $60 or so but in reality, you end up getting just $2 or $3 maximum.

List of Pros

  1. You are free to work anytime and anywhere.
  2. They offer 60-days money back guarantee.
  3. You are provided with a list of valuable survey companies that pay you.
  4. Apart from paying one-time membership fees, you have no other investment to be done.
  5. One survey hardly takes 15 – 20 mins.
  6. You can select as many surveys as you want.
  7. Opportunity to work bigger brands.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

Anyone who is willing to earn some extra cash online just by filling surveys and having basic internet skills. The ideal candidate covers moms, college students, retired citizens, housewives, part-time seekers and enthusiast people.

This task can be done while listening to music, watching your favorite shows and chatting with your best friends. You have complete freedom to work on as many surveys as you want and anytime.

Does The Product Work?

While you visit the website you see a lot of statements for a guarantee of paying more than $50 but in reality hardly get $2 per survey which nothing but a complete waste of time, energy and electricity.

You need to pay $68 for membership first and then start with work which only pays very few bucks. It is better to search few free membership survey sites and get paid for your efforts.

This way you will save a lot of time and you will learn a lot from these surveys and stay updated for a product.


Instead of investing time in surveys that pay you very less search for good survey sites that actually pay you amount ranging between $20 – $50.

Never fall prey on the fake sites or particular websites that give you false guarantee and grab bucks just for memberships which are of no use.