NewscasterVocalizer Reviews

NewscaterVocalizer is all about speech. This amazing tool will allow you o get voice-overs for your projects completely free.

Yes, as an owner of this software you can create your own voice-overs using the latest technology absolutely free.

No more paying expensive voice-over artists or making poor quality voice-overs using your own voice. That is all a thing of the past.

From it's beginnings which had robot sounding voices and mispronounced every other word, we have had a gradual progression to newer technologies where voices sounded more and more lifelike.

With NewscasterVocalizer they have taken yet another step forward and have produced software that produces voices almost distinguishable from real life.

The new neural technology increases the expressiveness in the artificial voices making this tool perfect for replacing the human voice in your projects.

Who Is The Creator of NewscasterVocalizer?

This software was created by Andrew Darius who has launched a huge number of quality products in the past, particularly in the video field. Andrew is very well regarded and that regard is supported by thousands of sales.

What Is Included In The Program?

The software itself is cloud based, which means there is nothing to install. You just log on to use the software. At the moment, in addition to the basic software you are getting 61 different voices, so you can always find the right voice for your needs.

You will also get the “Commercial Licence”, which allows you to create and sell voice-overs and keep the profits yourself. You could be selling voice-overs on sites like Fiverr today.

Of course you can always voice your own soundtracks to your presentations but what NewscasterVocalizer gives you is a recognizable and consistent voice that customers will associate with your brand.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Using NewscasterVocalizer is really easy. As I said, there is no need to install the software ad to access it you just log-in to you dashboard:.

  1. Create a new project, giving it a meaningful name, for example “windows-voice-over”.
  2. Choose the voice you want to use from the huge selection that is provided,
  3. Paste the text you want spoken into the box
  4. Click create.

It is as simple as that. It literally takes a couple of minutes.

the reason that voice-over artists are able to make such a good living is that having a clear and warm voice plays a big role in any presentation, and in today's society more and more material is being presented using multimedia.

Videos are more likely to appear in search engine results.

In the past making a video was very difficult as it would be necessary to have video skills to make the film or animation.

That problem was solved with the introduction of cheap and easy to use animation tools. This still left people with the problem of how to get a quality voice-over. Now that problem has been solved with the introduction of NewscasterVocalizer.

Then the next question is it a scam? There is no question that this is a quality product that does exactly what it claims to do.

The price at the time of writing was very realistic and a regular user would make their money back quite quickly.

At the time of writing there were also discount vouchers available but these are for a limited time so if you are interested then fast action is required, to get the best price.

Since the product is a genuine one and the price is made very clear by he seller, there is o possible way that this could be described as a scam.

Good Points

  1. This product is incredibly easy to use.
  2. Users can make use of this software in promoting every type of business.
  3. Once you buy it, there are no more fees ever
  4. Use this software to generate income
  5. Price is very realistic
  6. It is totally newbie friendly
  7. 14 Day money back guarantee

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

f you are an owner of any type of business then there are ways that this product can save you money.. Especially, If you are a digital marketer and has multiple stores, blogs, and websites.

The popularity of YouTube is acknowledged and NewscasterVocalizer can make video creation so very simple.

If you develop products then you can use his software to create voice-overs for explainer-videos..Maybe you are a freelancer and work on websites like Fiverr.

With this product you can add a new income stream to your business. This may include video agencies that sell their work on Fiverr or similar websites.

Of course, this software could be very useful for creating social media content, and since it is free to use, t is possible to make unlimited posts.

I could go and and on with he number of business users that could take advantage of his software, but I will finish with just one more. Education, course providers would find this tool invaluable.

Does The Program Work?

Yes, this program does work. Maybe I should have put yes in block capitals as I am so impressed with this product.

I know that with very little imagination just about anyone would see applications for this software. The software is very well designed and so very versatile that I heartily support this product.


This software is not going to get any cheaper in the near future if previous product launches are a guide. There are still some special price deal available and I would advice anyone to move swiftly and take advantage of the current prices and buy it as soon as possible.

Quite frankly the savings you will make in voice-over fees, together with the huge savings in time will more than cover the costs of this product very quickly.

Once you purchase the software I suggest that you use it to the maximum and get much more multimedia content out there.

Consider making a great YouTube channel and get more video and audio content on your websites. This will go a long way t improving your SEO results.