Motioney Reviews

Motioney is the first platform in the world where you can find live picture ads and other types of engagement posts that are made for all types of ads and can be put on nine different social media platforms.

Motioney video ads and live pictures are created to make posts incredibly eye-catching and engaging which turns traffic and leads from your posts into actual sales. The ads are basically impossible not to notice, but they are fun to look at and not obnoxious.

Because the live pictures that this app uses, it makes your ad much more creative and interesting which makes people more likely to share across all of their social media accounts when they see it which makes your ad go viral and drums up more actual sales for your business.

In fact, businesses who use these live ads have been found to have a 117% increase on clicks to their site, and more than nine times the level of engagement.

This is a desktop software that was created to make live pictures, video ads, and engaging posts for your business all from a single still picture that you provide.

Who is the author or creator of this program?

A team of professional software developers and marketers came together and created this software that makes eye-catching viral live pictures from a single still motion picture.

It all stemmed from one person, a guy named Andrew's, frustrations in not getting much traffic to his websites from his regular posts alone. He would have people come and look at his posts but wasn't getting many sales.

And that was when he realized that he needed to create some type of software that would take a single picture to the next level and catch the attention of people scrolling by on their social media platforms.

What do you get if you buy the program?

When you subscribe to Motioney for about $10 a month, you receive a software that takes your posts from being a one-dimensional picture to an HD live-action picture that brings your post to life in mere seconds.

By subscribing to use this new live picture creating software, all you have to do is upload your desired picture to the app, select the area of the picture that you want to be animated, select the picture, then export it to whichever social media platform you desire.

It takes no technical background or experience at all and you can have a social media post that impacts a lot of people done in a matter of minutes.

This software comes with a commercial license so that you can even sell your newly created live pictures to your new clients for a lot more than just $10. whether they buy it online or offline.

When you buy Motioney you will also be getting the license to charge upwards of $1,000 every month for your clients to be able to get you to help them create live-action content as you do on their social media platforms. This allows them to get posts that create sales and gives you a very profitable income stream.

How does Motioney work? Is it a scam?

This program works through a subscription service. Every month you pay about $10 for limitless access to the content creator, commercial licenses, and support that you can access at any time of day or night.

As there are hundreds upon hundreds of reviews from users that cannot get enough of Motioney, it is clear that this is not a scam site.

The program is also set up so that if at any time you wish you cancel your subscription it is incredibly easy to do so.

There is also an option so that if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the products or the services that you get from this website and the software, you can cancel it within the first few weeks and receive all of your investment right back to you along with an apology from the creators for your unsatisfactory experience.

Whether you love it or do not care for it, as a member of the software program you can give your feedback to let them know how well they are doing in creating and producing your content, and what the creators can improve upon to make the experience of the users easier and better overall.

One reason some people may think that this website is a scam is that they read information about the program and think that by turning the still photos into live-action photos, they will automatically make sales and start raking in the money.

What they tend to forget is the fact that it still takes a lot of work and effort on their part to create content and knowledge on when to post on social media to get the most traffic on their posts to make a big impact.

When they don't keep working at it and improving their own skills, they think that the reason they are not seeing more traffic and sales form their posts is that this method does not work.

You still have to do the work and create interesting content, this software is just another tool to add into your tool belt to make your posts as effective as they can possibly be.

Pros about this site

  1. Money back guarantee if you don't like it
  2. Created by marketing and software experts
  3. Very low monthly cost meaning you can try it and not lose too much of an investment if it does not work

Cons about this product

  1. Not guaranteed to make you more money

The ideal candidate for this product

People who are looking to amp up their posts and take them to the next level are the perfect candidates for Motioney.

If you are already good at making impactful posts on social media and just want an extra punch, this could be what you are looking for.

Does the program work?

If you are diligent about posting and making creative content, Motioney should help you take your posts to the next level and help generate more leads that convert to more sales for you!

Personal recommendation

I would only recommend Motioney for people who are already knowledgeable about making effective social media posts that get a lot of traffic and sales to your business.

If you don't know the basics of making effective social media posts already, then this could be a bit too much to start out with.

Motioney is definitely an effective tool that could lead to a lot of new leads and more revenue for you!