Millionaire Society Reviews

This product is an automated system for selling products on Clickbank. Expert marketers have been doing this for years and this is a valid way of making money. Many many people have been using Clickbank over the years.

Where Millionaire Society is different is that Mack has developed an automated process for making these sales. He has developed a system of setting up fully automated turnkey businesses based around on product on ClickBank.

Millionaire Society is offering to show you how a business selling one product can be set up in just 15 minutes. Clearly then having set up one product is not is a simple matter to set up another and another.

Whatever business you develop online, this ability to replicate is very important and is the key to longer-term success.

Mack points out that if you are selling the wrong product and have the wrong sales message, then you will not make money.

To avoid this happening Mack has located and set up automated businesses for over 135 products. so technically, you can replicate the one earning $30 day, 135 times.

Who created the System?

the Creator of the program is Mack Michaels who is an experienced online marketer.

What Is Included In The Millionaire Society?

In this program, you will receive 135 fully automated businesses that you can set up in just 15 minutes each. Mack will also be adding another 5 new ones each and every week.

All of these businesses will be designed so that they can b set up in 15 minutes. With the weekly additions to the range of available online businesses, it means that you could actually have 300 turnkey businesses in one year.

Of course, in addition, you will get all the training that you need to set up and operate these businesses. Mack also has a 15 person team who handle support and they can be contacted by phone or email. They will assist members with any problems they have.

Mack also gives several surprise gifts once you sign up.

How Does Millionaire Society Work?

Mack's system is designed to do the work for you. He claims that the system can set up a completely automated system in just 15 minutes. A business that he used to make $262,800 in a year.

That is a huge $30 per hour. Now this $30 figure is the core of the presentation in many ways. When Mack talks about $30 an hour, this is not a figure that is in itself unbelievable.

You could sell products online in an hour and make $30. Having quoted a believable figure Mack goes on to say, well this is an automated system and it can carry on working continuously.

This is the beauty of the Internet, you have a sales platform that is working for you even when you are sleeping.

Any successful online business should be one that will work unattended and be fully automated. Because you do not have to see to the everyday running of the business you have the ability to replicate and expand your business.

Is it a scam?

I really feel that the word scam is thrown about too often. If someone buys into a program and they don't make money, frequently they will start using the scam word. In reality, there could have been any number of reasons why they fail.

Mack cannot possibly guarantee that every person will succeed, as everybody is different. Some will work hard and others will take sort cuts which do not work.

People can, and will, fail with any business venture. All I can say is that if you are new to making money online your chances of success are vastly improved if you have an experienced mentor.

With a turnkey system, as long as you follow the instructions carefully you will certainly have a smaller chance of failure.

But What if it goes wrong?

You should be very confident about success, that is half the battle whe starting a business have added confidence is the sixty-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

But what if Mack fails to give me the refund?

Just remember that Mack sells his courses through Clickbank and one of the rules of selling through ClickBank is that the customer can request a refund within 90 days. Clickbank will ensure it is received.

List of Good Points

  1. The business is based around ClickBank, a proven and successful concept.
  2. ClickBank underwrite your success with their comprehensive money-back guarantees.
  3. The Business is automated, expand your business, knowing day to day running is automated.
  4. Fresh products/businesses being sent out regularly. Keep up-t-date
  5. It's a numbers business. The more businesses you set up, the more you will earn

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate for this program would be a newcomer to making money online. I say this because the product is a “done for you” system and it is an ideal way for a newcomer to find his/her feet n the world of online marketing.

In the opening minute of the promotional video, Mack gets right down to the core of what the product is. He calls it an “Autopilot system”.

Does The Program Work?

Mack debunked the idea that is so often touted in other systems. The claim that people can make millions of dollars on the Internet without work. This is not true and is something that really annoys me when I see other presentations.


If you are a newcomer to making money online this is an ideal way to get started. Since everything is done for you, you do not have a steep learning curve. Because of the comprehensive guarantees with the product you have no need to fear losing your money.

Because the business is automated it will continue to make money even if you are away on vacation or are sick.

More importantly, it means that you can be forever adding new automated businesses and growing your income. I like businesses that are numbers based, even if sales are not as good as expected, you can always overcome this with opening new ones.

I highly recommend this Millionairres Society and wish you huge success with it.