Magic Submitter Reviews

Are you struggling to build backlinks to your website? Do not want to go for expensive SEO services?

If yes, our post today will undoubtedly help you. We will review today a software by the name of the Magic submitter.

It claims that it can assist you in building backlinks across hundreds of platforms with the click of a button. However, is it really good?

Once you go through our Magic submitter review, it will be easy to answer this question.

What Is Magic Submitter All About?

The magic submitter is software that can allow you to build backlinks across tens of different platforms. The total number of sites across these platforms is more than 500.

That is why, with this software, you can automate the backlink process. In a single click, you will be able to set in motion a backlink campaign that results in hundreds if not thousands of backlinks.

This software aims to help you take control of your SEO campaign without having to outsource it.

Who Is The Creator?

Alexandr Krulik is the creator of Magic Submitter. Alexandr Krulik has also helped numerous webmasters rank their websites in Google and other search engines.

He has used both his expertise to create this software. As a result, this is a software from a developer experienced in both the streams.

The creator is not an ordinary software developer, and that is why you can be sure that the software can work wonders for your SEO campaign.

What Is Included In Magic Submitter?

By now, you might be curious about what you exactly get with this software. The things included with this software include:

  • Software
  • Access to forums
  • Software support
  • Software updates
  • Video training
  • Free live coaching

As you can see, all the things that you will ever need to operate the software come with this one. Since you will get instant access to the setup file, you can download the software with ease and run it on your computer or software.

How Does Magic Submitter Work? Is It a Scam?

The magic submitter is software that you can install on any Windows-based machine. Once you do so, it can help you create numerous backlinks. With this software:

  • You can create hundreds of accounts across thousands of different platforms
  • You can automatically verify all of these accounts.
  • You can create spun content from the original one and post it on over 2000 websites.
  • You can automatically solve different captcha types.
  • You can create campaigns that result in thousands of backlinks.
  • You can even organize your links and generate reports.
  • You can bookmark, ping as well as create blogs with the help of this software.

As you can see, with this software, you can create an entire SEO campaign with ease. Also, the types of websites inculcated into the software are plenty like:

  • Bookmarking websites
  • Article directory websites
  • Video submission websites
  • High PR websites
  • Syndication sites
  • Microblogging sites
  • PDF sharing sites
  • Forums
  • WordPress sites
  • Niche sites
  • And so on

Therefore, once you get the software, you will not have to buy any other software to create backlinks across multiple platforms.

Once you create backlinks on these websites, the software can help you generate reports but also ping these backlinks.

Once you ping these backlinks, the search engines will crawl these backlinks. As a result, you can witness the SEO benefits for your website.

You will not have to rely on other software for indexing the backlinks or crawling the backlinks. As a result, it will become easy to create effective SEO campaigns.

Another less alone advantage of this submitter software is that it allows you to generate reports as well. Therefore, you can not only create backlinks for your website but also for your client websites.

As a result, if you’re looking to start SEO service, that is certainly possible as well with this software.

Due to these features, you can be sure that it is highly effective software. Also, it is as legit as software can get.

If you’re in two minds regarding Magic submitter, you need not worry at all. It is legit software.


  1. Simple interface
  2. Helps you create backlinks on thousands of websites
  3. Caters to tens of platforms
  4. Allows you to generate reports
  5. Includes updates and multiple support platforms
  6. Instant access after payment
  7. Easy to install

Who is the Ideal Candidate For Magic Submitter?

The best feature of this software is that if you’re running an SEO campaign for your website or your client, this software can help you organize all of it.

Due to this very reason, everyone who wants to rank sites to get traffic to their website through search engines is the ideal candidate for this software.

Also, since it is easy to operate; you get access to support forums, video training, and live coaching. So, irrespective of your SEO background and expertise, you can use the software. Therefore, it is virtually suitable for anyone who wants to rank their websites using SEO.

Does Magic Submitter Work?

Yes, Magic submitter surely works. It has years of history behind it. Due to this very reason, any issue which you might face already has plenty of solutions for it.

With the help of a hyperactive support forum, you can be sure that if you’re stuck anywhere, you can get help instantly.

The support desk is also pretty active. That is why, even if you’re new to SEO software, you can make it work with ease.

If you’re in two minds regarding this software, you can be sure that it can help you with your SEO efforts. You have to ensure that you spend at least 30 minutes to understand the software. Once you do so, it can work wonders for your website.


Thus, if you’re thinking of buying this software, there is nothing to worry about. With a rich history behind, it is credible software.

The fact that the creator has extensive experience in software development and SEO, you can be sure that the software will work when it comes to SEO campaigns.

Also, it has many different sites available across multiple platforms. So, it can help you get a diversified backlink profile which will undoubtedly propel your website through the search engines.

Even when you go through various Magic Submitter Reviews, they are mainly positive

With so many features, what more, could you ask for. You should go with Magic submitter if you’re serious about your website and the SEO campaign.