Long Tail Pro Reviews

If you are new to SEO, are a blogger looking to improve your search engine rankings or have some sort of delusional idea that you could rank for keywords like “money” or “make money” easily, and then this hub is for you?

If you are a writer that is looking to profit from writing for hub pages or any of the other social sharing networks that share a cut of the contextual ad take, then you may also find this interesting and helpful in terms of being able to rank easily for terms.

The long tail keyword is really nothing more than a series of words strung together. These types of keywords typically convert better because through the eyes of the searcher, the longer the search queries, the better chance they have of finding an actual solution.

Now let’s have a closer look on the Long Tail Pro on how it is working and useful.

What Is This Product All About?

Long Tail Pro is nothing but a powerful keyword research software tool, which allows the users in order to generate the thousands and hundreds of unique Long tail keywords within just fraction of seconds. You can search by using either the multiple root keyword or single root keyword.

This software tool can be very useful to get rid of long hours of searching experience with the high competition of keywords.

It doesn’t make sense whether you are creating an e-commerce website or real estate website. As a good keyword is the main strategy to make a great presence in the search engine, it needs to get the high ranked keywords for your website which magnifies the website to reach more clients.

This Long Tail Pro will allow you to generate the 800 keywords easily.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

This keyword software tool Long Tail Pro is created by the Spencer Haws from NichePursuits.com. With the increasing involvement of marketing technology, he always strives to provide the best possible way to search the keywords easily.

In past he was tried many keyword tools and got frustrated as nothing works well, he want to create the own tool.

With his passionate sense in creating the website, he virtually discovers the need and importance of keywords in SEO. As the result of his 5 years struggle, finally he is able to develop this Long Tail Pro software tool.

What Is Included In The Program?

The following are some of the programs that are included in this Long Tail Pro keyword software tool

  • They are offering this tool at a price of $37-$67 per month
  • You can get the discounts of $25-$45 per month if you pay the fee early
  • Avail the 7 day free trial option along with the more training videos for beginners

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

If you are the one who are looking for the best possible way to find the best keywords for your website? Then this Long Tail Pro keyword tool will definitely helps you to get the detailed keyword research with the professional user interface.

This software really provides the all the detailed information that requires to choose the keyword along with the website addresses if available.

As it is providing the accurate long tail keywords, this tool is not a scam. It definitely displays all the information on the search engines that related to the terms you have entered.

It is very easy to pick the right keyword that you are looking for with high ranking. As there are many keyword tools available in the market, this Long Tail Pro is one of the benefited tools to search for many keywords individually.

List of Pros:

  1. Best way to find the relevant keywords
  2. Effective keyword competitiveness
  3. Easy to measure the domain strength
  4. Track your keywords easily
  5. This tool allows you to import your own keyword
  6. This tool is based on web which is very easy to use
  7. Data integration with Majestic SEO
  8. More faster than the desktop version
  9. Best tool that can even calculate the keyword competitiveness range

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

This Long Tail Pro software is very useful for the newbie’s for those who wanted to get started in online. Forget about the Jaaxy, this LTP will definitely one of the better choices for those who is finding difficulty in getting right keywords.

Methodical Person: If you are this type of person it is better to make sure that the found keywords are 100 % unique which will make you website safer in the market by allowing your business to the high level of competition along with the heavy traffic.

People Selling Websites: Are you selling the website, making SEO audits in the marketing industry, then this Long Tail Pro keyword tool will help to find all the relates services along with the too many data to offer the customers.

This Long Tail Pro is very advantageous for all the experienced niche marketers in order to analyze the niche market with more ranking for the website.

Of course this process is tedious, but you can definitely get the desired results that what you are searching for to gain more ranking for your website with the appropriate keyword searching.

Does The Product Work?

Yes, this Long Tail Pro keyword tool can really works better and also gives worth for your money. For most of the beginners searching the keyword is a daunting task, and then this tool can be very useful to overwhelm all those problems. Not only for beginners is it also better for experienced marketers


This Long Tail Pro Keyword tool is useful software that can be used well for long tail keyword search. If you want your website to be listed in the top this tool can be very helpful.

The best features of this tool can really result in getting the correct analysis of your choice. You can get the chance for vast number of long tail keywords.

By using this tool you can also able to check the precise keywords that fit your bill with more rankings. Start using this tool and avail the 10 day free trial by trying it.