Legit Online Jobs Reviews

Legit online jobs is a program that aims at helping anyone who wants to make a substantial income from online platforms.

Online jobs have become a popular means to supplements ones income or to some their sole source of income. It is at times hard to navigate through online platform to find a legitimate job online as most are often scams and much so online jobs that pay well.

Legit online jobs provides individuals with a work from home business opportunity on almost all online job opportunities ranging from translating, writing, sales, tutoring and transcription.

The most popular jobs on this site and what has led to its increased popularity is ads posting or affiliate marketing due to the demand of this type of marketing by numerous companies around the world.

The product is basically an online training program that helps you navigate through each type of job and how to quickly make the most from whatever type of online job you want to pursue.

Who is the author/creator?

Ross Williams is the created Legit online jobs after he was downsized from a large It company in the 2008 recession. This did not change the fact that he had to food on the table for his family and take care of all their needs.

After numerous hours of research on how to make a living online and doing just about every type of job on the online he landed on an easy and lucrative one i.e. ad posting.

He created Legit online jobs a home training product to help people in a similar situation or people who wish to make a living online.

What is included in the program?

The Legit online training program provides their clients with a step by step video guide on how to make the most out of ad posting which is the main focus of this program.

Apart from the video tutorials you also get image tutorials for how get the most from ad posting. You are also provided with instructions on how you can make money online successfully through other means such as data entry jobs, transcription, writing translation, tutoring and sales.

The product currently comes with four bonuses in addition to the tradition training program stated above. First of which is a personalized coaching program or a one on one coaching program that helps you achieve you income goals through any online job opportunities you chose to pursue.

The other three are reports on various ways to make money online including; Make Money Completing Surveys, Real at Home Jobs and Make Money on eBay.

How does it work?

Ads posting being a lucrative online job as companies are willing to spend a lot to make their products with companies in the US pouring 50 billion on marketing in 2014.

The main focus of the program being ad posting mainly needs you to create an account after which you can immediately start work.

The program provides you with a step by step on how to properly step up your account including sample information that you can copy paste to the required areas.

You then proceed to picking your company of choice and start posting ads. Ads posting does not require you to sit in front of your computer all day as your post continually earns through the amount of clicks or products sold through your ads.

Who is the ideal candidate for this product?

The internet can be accessed basically from anywhere around the world. The product can be accessed from anywhere around the world and by anyone as long as they have access to the internet and have a computer.

The qualifications for ads posting might seem complex but all you need is basic computer knowledge and you are go to go.


  • Easy and hustle free

Ads posting and most online jobs are often easy and you can make them work for you while you do other things.

  • Own scheduling

Online jobs do not limit you to a nine to five work day which is often cumbersome and limiting. This program allows you to work during your own hours allowing you to venture into other activities.

  • Work from home

You do not have to change from your pyjamas to have an online job you work at your own convenience. This program allows you to also take care of your family or perform other activities you wish to.

  • Bonuses

A bonus is always welcome and the four bonuses that come with the home training package help to better equip you when it comes to online jobs.

  • Money back guarantee

The program offers a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product which gives a person more security.

  • Unpublished offers

You are able to gain access to unadvertised offers on the site as well as some emailed to you that will give you an advantage and help you along.


Does the product work?

The success of the product has had mixed reviews as it only trains you on how to get the most from this job but some people have had success using their training program.

They are mainly criticized because of their out dated training program as Google is known to change their system often. The training program might give you a limited amount of success but it is not a guaranteed.


Legit online jobs is mainly focus on ads posting it might be a good option to have this as the one of the job opportunities you pursue.

It is also more effective to pursue only two job opportunities at a go to ensure that your effects are more focused for better results.

Do not expect the job to start off at full speed, there has to be a learning curve and then build up your experience as well as earning over a period of time.