IM Checklist Reviews

The field of Internet marketing is pretty vast. For a newbie, it is tough to grasp the scale of this field. That is why; setting up a new digital business is not an easy task.

Chances are it will take you years to form a proper strategy or a blueprint which you can use to grow your business. Hence; it is advisable to use an established checklist.

IM Checklist aims to provide you with precisely that. As per the name, it helps you by sharing with you an established checklist.

The question is whether it is good enough or not. Today, we will share with you our IM Checklist review to help you understand if you should go for it or not.

We will share not only our recommendation but also the nitty-gritty of product so that you can make an informed decision.

What Is IM Checklist All About?

Simply put, this checklist consists of 18 step-by-step checklists. These involve various aspects of establishing a business online. The checklist cover topics like:

  • Choosing the right hosting provider
  • Selecting the right domain
  • Setting up autoresponder
  • Creating landing pages
  • Using affiliate networks
  • Marketing on social media
  • And much more

The main advantage of this product is that it provides you with an actionable checklist. Due to this reason, it is easy to follow.

Moreover, this product aims to help you start your online business in just 30 days and witness credible results. If you do not fancy going through e-books, this checklist fits your requirements perfectly.

The advantage of the checklist model is that you know what action you have to take. You will be able to follow a proper blueprint which will help you save time and effort.

Before going any further, let us look at the background of the creator to understand more.

Who Is The Creator of IM Checklist?

The creator of IM checklist is Kevin Fahey. His experience in the digital marketing industry is of more than ten years.

Over the years, with his experience and knowledge, he has created two businesses in the online world. Also, he owns two top-rated websites in the online marketing space, which are and

In the past, he has had six-figure launches as well. Many of his earlier products like IM VIP Training, IM Emails have become quite popular and have rave reviews.

In fact, this is the IM Checklist Volume 7, which is being launched. His experience is envious, to say the least.

What Is Included In IM Checklist?

We will now go into the details of these checklists to help you understand what exactly is involved in these checklists.

1. Website and domain checklist:

It will help you choose the right domain and help you understand the preliminary steps that you need to take to set it up.

2. Business setup checklist:

It will help you with branding. Also, with the help of branding steps from the start, it will be easy for you to brand your business.

3. WordPress checklist:

If you do not have any experience with WordPress, it will help you set up your website in no time.

4. Email marketing checklist:

It will help you in signing up with the auto-responders and setting them up.

5. Landing page checklist:

This checklist is all about creating landing pages and lead generation funnels. It will help with lead generation as well. Since it is a checklist, you will save a lot of time without having to go through trial and error.

6. Thank you page checklist:

Thank you page can help you build a relationship with your customers. It aids to increase the profits by up-selling and cross-selling. The checklist will guide you through creating these quickly.

7. Tracking Checklist:

It is necessary to track every visitor to the website. Doing so will help in marketing your business more effectively. This checklist will help you achieve that precisely.

8. Social media checklist:

Social media websites can be a great source of traffic. You need to tap into these websites to kick start your marketing campaign.

This checklist will help you create proper social media profiles and use these profiles for marketing your business.

9. Indoctrination Email Checklist:

This checklist aims to create an email series which will engage your subscribers. It will help you build a personal relationship with your subscribers.

10. Retargeting checklist:

With retargeting, you can present your advertisements and banners in front of visitors who have visited your website once.

It is a low-cost mechanism to market in front of interested visitors. The checklist which we are highlighting now will help you in marketing your business in front of such visitors.

11. Messenger checklist:

A messenger can help you get in touch with customers and generate repeat business. By using this list, you can get such additional business and grow your customer base at a rapid pace.

12. Affiliate network checklist:

The checklist aims to help you choose the right affiliate network. It will also help you find the right products to promote that can give you a kick start when starting an online business.

13. Video hosting checklist:

This checklist aims to help you create videos with proper subtitles so that you can use them for marketing your business.

14. Content creation checklist:

Content is essential to engage your visitors. You need it not just on your website but also on your social media profiles. The checklist will help you create such content.

15. Advertising checklist:

You will have to run ads and marketing campaigns on a large-scale if you want to scale your business online. Instead of going through trial and error that can cost you a lot of money, it is advisable to use this checklist.

16. Marketing checklist:

The marketing checklist aims to help you with a proper marketing plan which you can follow. It will ensure that you can scale up your marketing expenses and budget and at the same time, have a positive ROI.

17. 30-day checklist:

The advantage of a 30-day checklist is to execute all of your plans in a limited period. You will be able to keep a proper deadline and know what you have to do within 30 days.

18. 90 Day checklist:

The 90 Day checklist is to complete the 17 other checklists on time. It ensures that you can execute all the lists and get the desired results without wasting your precious time.

These are the 18 checklists which this product provides. It provides them in different formats like PDF files, Google spreadsheet, excel file, built-in HTML checklists. You can use them in the way you prefer.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

IM Checklist is not a scam. The main advantage of this product is that it can handhold you through the entire process of digital marketing.

You will get complete guidance, and there is no trial and error involved. Since it covers every aspect of starting an online business, you can get a leg up if you opt for this Checklist.

It is certainly not a scam and in fact, can increase your odds of being successful by a significant amount.


  1. Actionable data
  2. Covers every aspect of digital marketing
  3. Minimizes trial and error
  4. Reputed creator
  5. Checklists available in different formats

Who is the Ideal Candidate for IM Checklist?

The beauty of the product is that it is suitable for everyone. It does not matter if you’re an experienced marketer or new to the world of digital marketing. It can help both of these individuals seamlessly.

Does IM Checklist Work?

Yes, IM Checklist definitely works. You need to follow the checklist and get the work done. With the help of a proper checklist, you will know right away the steps which you have to take. The product works for anyone who is action-oriented.


So, if you have been searching around for IM Checklist reviews, then you can go through our article above. In our opinion, it is a worthy choice.

It can make your life easier as a digital marketer and a business owner. That is why; it is a no-brainer that you should go with this checklist.