Reviews is a website and web service promising to provide 100% USA-clicks to customers with solo ads.

They claim to provide 1500+ guaranteed clicks, and if not, they promise a second solo ad for free. The program is relatively new to the market and features affordable prices, starting with only 19$ (one time fee).

The website is provided in an easy-to-use format, enabling anyone to find the required information and order with just a couple of clicks.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The author of Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic is a US citizen who thought of an adequate affiliate marketing promotion strategy.

He put up a filter to ensure that only US residents click the ads, and that they get something in exchange for their efforts.

Buyers should keep in mind that all the clicks are real, and that the price paid doesn't cover only the platform and server costs, but also the 1500+ (sometimes 3x more) of real US clicks received for the chosen ad.

What Is Included In The Program?

Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic guarantees 1500+ of real USA-based clicks for solo ads to anyone who purchases a package.

In the case that clicks are not delivered, which happens truly rarely, a second solo ad is provided for free. The traffic comes solely from the territory of USA, hence guaranteeing a high payout rate since US traffic benefits from best payment rates.

The program is dedicated to everyone who wants to benefit from ads with many views and to make quality traffic, money and buyers in a quick and safe manner.

Depending on the chosen package, users can contract up to 10,000 of guaranteed clicks, hence having the opportunity to greatly boost their business and get in touch with USA residents via simple solo ads.

A second solo ad is provided for free if the eligibility criteria in the first ad has not been met, namely if 1500+ USA clicks have not been received.

This is a great method for boosting traffic, and guaranteed to work for everyone regardless of their current location.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Once a package is purchased, the next step consists in the website automatically sending the ad link to 200,000+ of subscribers from USA, hence being able to guarantee 1500+ clicks and 1000+ of potential buyers.

It is NOT a scam, since 90% of the users who contracted this service declare themselves happy, while 70% of them say that they would use it again really soon and would recommend it to a friend.

A scam is when you don't get anything in exchange for your money. Your transaction is entirely safe and you can even benefit from buy-back protection, which means that you can receive your money back if you are not satisfied with the service, or if the criteria specified on the contract has not been met.

List of Pros

  1. only verified USA clicks
  2. 1500+ guaranteed clicks, with the option to ask for more
  3. link sent to 200,000+ of subscribers
  4. possibility to sell to 1000+ of subscribers
  5. a second solo ad for free if the contract terms are not met

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The website is dedicated not only to people of USA, but also to anyone else who requires USA traffic and clicks for their solo ads.

As a foreign people who wishes to obtain quick profit from ads, this offer should be more than profitable. The web service promises 1500+ of USA clicks from real people, who are genuinely interested in a website, product or service like yours, and are looking specifically for a similar ad.

These people are not bots, and will click on your ad solely due to their interest in the product. If the criteria of 1500+ clicks is not met, users can ask for their money back or expect to receive a second sponsored solo ad for free. aims to become the best service when it comes to US traffic for solo ads, and it makes constant efforts in this regard by expanding its database of subscribers and providing only quality content to its users, based on their preference.

Buyers should expect to receive the very best in terms of traffic, since USA is well known for its great geopolitical positioning.

Does The Product Work?

Yes, works and it works well. Thousands of people have already tried the service and gave it a positive review, since it managed to meet and exceed their expectations.

The Terms and Conditions of this website are made to protect the buyer more than the company, since it allows them to have a charge-back or receive a second sponsored solo ad if the desired clicks are not delivered in the specified time frame.

Without a doubt, Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic works, and also has affordable prices when compared to competition, which charges even 4x more for the same service, while sometimes failing to offer the same quality.

This is the reason why the website must be appreciated for what it is, a gold mine for savvy advertisers. Since regular customers are hardly convinced to click an ad nowadays, regardless of how appealing it is, this website has its methods and its own database of loyal people who expressed their interest in viewing exactly that type of ad that you have to offer.

More than the ad, its about the services and products that you have to offer, and which are sought by the people clicking on the ad.

It's not just a “scratch on the back” business type, it's an actual offer where you can reach customers genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Users are recommended to profit from while the service is still in its incipient phase, as the prices are very affordable and the service provided is of high quality.

As more advertisers will find out about this service, the price of packages will naturally go up, and while it will still be worth it, it will require higher budgets for promotion.

Therefore, act quickly and secure yourself a great traffic deal with Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic.