The product Gold Opinion comes up with an opportunity to take a survey of $5 from home and make an earning enough to live a better life.

Well, there are few questions raised in minds of people that Is that true? Is this website scam or not? Whether it is a legal website or not?

The below is the details description about each and every aspect of the product.

What Is This Product All About?

Gold Opinion is said to be earning in a quick way by online sharing your thoughts and claims your results.

It seems like a survey panel, but in reality, it is a product of Clickbank which is used to create awareness in the database of survey panel and group opportunities.

You can start with this product of 7 days trail starting with 1$. After the completion of a free trial, it increases its base price to $27 to support you with jobs constant covered to you.

There are further claims decided by Gold Opinions

  • For every $5, time interval is 10 minutes
  • Can earn around $30 per hour
  • Surveys in minutes can make you earn $15 to $30.
  • For every premium survey, earn $50.
  • There is no need of experience to earn.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Well, it is a team of people ( who had a thought of making the things easier of making money through online by sharing your thoughts and opinions easily.

The team describes the everyday usage of the product and focuses on taking your opinions and getting rewards to hit the shelves of the stores.

What Is Included In The Program?

Instead of taking surveys, you will definitely need to pay for this product. There are few memberships you find in your Google search. The below is the list of surveys that are split in two categories

  • Premium Survey
  • Surveys by Country

1. Premium Survey

The information below is about the premium surveys and it contains about 100 premium surveys well. But after watching the premiums, you find a list again in the online with various offers.

You find various segments of premiums excluding this 100 to have a look without having to pay $27 per month.

2. Surveys by Country

It’s probably a hustle to search for surveys in countries of Non-US, this is not so worthy, but is not so bad even as you find many results by finding it on having a good search in Google

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

No, you can make money with Gold Opinions but it’s going to be only a few bucks here and there.

You will be spending more money than what you will earn Gold Opinions are very misleading and lying as they promise you big bucks!

No, it is not a scam. Rather you can make money with this product though it’s going to be little bucks here and there. You earn money with lots of interest than spending. In present days, this product is very much misleading by promising your bucks..!

From the survey information, it is said from the records that you can earn a limited sum of around $300 or $200 every month. Well, $1000 every month is very much unrealistic and sounds good to hear.


  • It has a 7-day trial starting with only $1.
  • It has signed up options for the database provided over 150 survey panels
  • Gold Opinion product updates a list huge of researcher’s group opportunities and studies of high paying.
  • In several countries, there are many survey panels.
  • Also includes the video tutorial and eBooks to reach you with a step by step information.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate can be considered as the person who is great at working online to earn sufficient amount of money for living a settled life and balancing the family as well.

Nowadays online has become a mandatory thing for every individual to reduce the time management of sitting and working in a constant place. Earning online can give you the transaction process happening internally with the time and procedure to be paid.

Does The Product Work?

Have you ever worked on a machine who you haven’t searched anytime or how it looks? It is quite crazy. So, let’s have a basic knowledge of the product functionality.

Companies put faith on the product by putting real money by the people’s opinion as well as campaigns, to develop the product deadlines in order to make strategies in the market on it.

The solution of the reason is that all people are surveying with their tastes, preferences, and elections need to do so. By doing all these you can earn money and grabs as an opportunity to not lose.

This product is working with the top brands and other companies around the world serve a bridge between costumers of the products.

There is a solution for this is the companies need to have an opinion of the customers on the product to improve the reviews on the used ones now.


By signing in this product, you can earn and pay for the opinion by the companies renewed about the variety of services and products provided. This can be the simplest form to make money without any schedules in your free time.

The site charges 30% commission fees compared to other surveys to start with a monthly membership to cover each and everything.

That means you keep all the money you earned with you. For example, you earn $1000/ month; you will earn complete amount and not just $700.

The above is the main reason why people choose to make money with this product. The program is recommended highly due to it’s genuinely and avoiding of scams.

You don’t need to have a doubt of signing up. You just share, buy and have a joy in earning.


This product can be useful for doing a part-time job by the links provided by the team to make sufficient earnings and have an idea to the people who are having active brains in these kinds of activities they prefer.

People need to have a basic idea before proceeding to share their ideas and understand the advice for your needs.