Review offers “wide-ranging projects and tasks” that are well-suited for whichever age, experience and ability.

Freelancers can arrange the time plus work from their houses or wherever on condition that there is Internet connectivity.

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The mantra of the website is “Work and Get Paid as a Virtual Assistant”, nonetheless they avail other work opportunities like research, marketing (survey completion, mystery shopping, product testing), data entry, and physical chores like filling envelopes.

What Is All About?

The initial thing you see on this platform is the headline regarding the VA tasks and a listing of freelancing posts that freelancers are meant to discover via this website.

Though, as you fill out your email and head to the subsequent pages, you can observe that it is a digitized item that necessitates a payment to reveal anything inside.

From the caveat at the site's foot, visitors get to know that ClickEarners is a commodity from Clickbank, an affiliate network with legit services and products.

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On their help page, you can read that anybody can get access to the members' section and become hired for these tasks and they assure earnings of $25-$30 per hour.

Who Is the Author or Inventor?

A search on the podium will not disclose anything substantial regarding the product originator or author. Numerous other reviews have cited an unidentified owner for this site.

A corporation owns this site, but the page hasn't provided the company's name. Nearly all the products state the name of their creator; however, that isn't the case with ClickEarners, but it is still all right. The development is authentic, and you free to utilize it, devoid of any worry.

What will you learn from the program?

ClickEarners offers you the information, intuition, and in due course the self-confidence to earn a living on the web as a freelance aide.

Online Assistants are individuals who perform tasks, assignments and toil on behalf of corporations as freelancers. At ClickEarners, they will give their members the whole thing from trainee-ship, support and resources they require. They present a comprehensive web-based portal to make working remotely fantasy realism.

They are around to motivate, train and encourage. Click Earners is a web-based podium that “endows” individuals with the opportunity to have the life they long for and receive the “cash they merit” by working on the web from the four corners of the planet.

What Is Included In

ClickEarners is an educational product that offers resources and info concerning getting employed and earning on the web as independent assistants/freelancers.

In the members' section, there is a payment to access the educational product. A 60 Day Cash Back Assurance supports

Suppose you aren't pleased with the program inside the initial two months. In that case, you can demand reimbursement by writing an email to the contact provided inside your product, and they will straightaway repay your whole buying amount, without any queries asked.

This site assures to present many freelancing prospects, as explained below:

  • It permits job seekers to land on Data Entry Jobs. Via this job, independent workers shall have to gather the statistics and present in an MS word/ MS excel file format contingent on the customer's prerequisites. It is amid the most straightforward chore in freelancing; however, you might strive to find the Data Entry assignment due to competition in this department.
  • For those in the writing field, you might be interested in joining this site as it also offers writing assignments. Apart from writing, it furthermore has typing opportunities.
  • In the event you are into the marketing/sales scope, then this product is excellent news in the form of marketing and sales positions. You can find sales and marketing tasks on this site.
  • Those who wish to be engaged as Virtual Assistants, then join this site since it provides numerous VA tasks. Furthermore, you can enroll in the Customer Services openings.
  • If you are concerned with the Administrative and Secretarial tasks or Web Research jobs, then join the website, which provides jobs in each of these fields.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Click Earners does work and is not a scam, and many people are willing to pay considerable sums to get more info about the available tasks.

The functioning of this website is a bit diverse from other freelancer sites. When you access the site, you shall come across a “register now” selection, which will request you to key in your name plus email address.

Afterward, it invites you to fill several stress-free queries. As soon as you are done with the queries, the site will need you to make some payment. Likewise, you should bear in mind that Click Earners is not going to hire or pay you.

Though, it shall assist you in getting the clientele that visits their site. These clients shall engage you and pay for the chores that you have carried out.

There isn't anything new in this freelancing website except the money that this site requests from freelancers at registration.

Moreover, you must recall that you aren't going to make cash with just a couple of clicks. Freelancing requires skills. You must either find a skill initially if you wish to have someone hire you.

Are you searching for projects on the Internet? Do you have an exceptional skill that may assist you in becoming a freelancer? If that is the case, then you can register at

This site promises to present a plethora of projects that shall support you in earning sufficient money. Though has mixed reviews, it is functional so you can make money via this program effortlessly.

If you are probing for a platform that might help you find some online projects plus clients, then it's high time you join

This site has a broad grouping of skills that you can choose from. It is user friendly, and the website has as well declared that it is for everybody.

ClickEarners Pros

There are lots of benefits that this site has undertaken to provide. Below are some of those merits.

  • Making Money Online

Most individuals wish to earn cash online; however, it is not always as simple as it might seem. While you are a skilled individual, you may struggle to find clients.

Finding the apt client is amid the most challenging errands in freelancing. You do not have to contemplate much about getting clients since this podium promises that you shall get lots of clients.

  • Numerous Projects

The site declares that you shall be finding various projects via ClickEarners. But, to get the online tasks, you have to be skillful sufficiently in a specific field to full fill the sought after work.

Still, it does not warrant that anybody who tours this podium will find the online task, which is satisfactory since no freelancing site is going to offer you such assurance. To find the online chore first, you must try to acquire a skill that can help you make money online.

  • Appropriate for everybody

This site has also cited that it is apt for whichever age, skill, or location. On the other hand, freelancing isn't for everybody.

It is for those who are reliable and enthusiastic about delivering the resultant work to the client punctually. In addition to this, you also require to guarantee that you distinguish the particular skills to a level that you can provide the needed work flawlessly.

  • Quick Registration Procedure

All you need to do is click at the button for registration for the job and verify the account – and afterward, you will get access to the members' area and, finally, be able to join the platform.

  • Work as Per Your Own Schedule

Certainly! This is another remarkable aspect of this site – you fix your own time to work! Entirely flexible and suitable for your schedule!

Are you set to have a transformation and begin working as a VA from the comfort of your living room? Flexible working time, flexible jobs!

You can't find a better job than that! In general, they categorically recommend this task for any person that wishes to earn from home nowadays. Register with the ClickEarners and begin receiving money right away!

  • Boundless Earnings

Earnings are dependent on the amount of time you have put to this work– it is up to you if you wish to work full-time or part-time, and the earnings are limitless!

  • Money-back Assurance is a product of Clickbank; hence, Clickbank manages refunds and payment. You get a 60-day cash back surety. You must get in touch with Clickbank to get your cash back if you are not displeased by the product.

  • Open Worldwide

ClickEarners states that any person with any skill from whichever location in the globe is eligible to join making the uniform registration fee of $27/$57 quite okay.

  • Very Easy Tasks

Amid the most splendid aspect, you will love regarding ClickEarners, is the detail that you can select among plentiful different jobs and do whichever that you most happy with.

ClickEarners has something for all: taking appointments, typing, data entry, product testing, mystery shopping, virtual assistance, online research, reviews, etc.

  • Up to Date Information

The info is regularly updated with new freelance firms and social media groups.

Does Work?

This is a product from Clickbank, and its creator is unidentified. It's an enlightening product that offers resources and information connected to freelance virtual assistant jobs.

Click Earners assists any willing individual to earn cash online as a VA and revealing to them that they can select their working hours regardless of their location; all they require is access to the Internet and the determination to flourish.

It is likewise asserted that anybody can do it regardless of age, skill, or locality, and it is as flexible as you want. Nonetheless, you have to be well organized, honest and consistent and possess excellent communication skills.


ClickEarners is a decent platform, and it has been upgraded considerably recently, thanks to significantly more available work.

Clickearners is a website wherein users can study how to become fruitful virtual assistants and earn money by doing different freelance tasks, projects and work from the coziness of their homes.

As per the Clickearners site, you work from anyplace globally and at your own pace and desired hours. That is fantastic. Thus you can as well register to work on this website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People have various queries correlated to the site. The following are some of the most FAQ and their answers.

How much is the Registration Fee at ClickEarners?

This site comes with two payment plans, each with different features and pricing. One method is for a lifetime, whereas the other one is yearly. To enroll in the lifetime plan, you need to pay 57 USD, while for the yearly membership, you get charged 27 USD.

Does this site offer any jobs?

Well, the site has never been assured to provide you jobs. Though, it has confirmed to offer clients who will give you assignments, which shall result in earning cash. But to accomplish that task, you need to have skills. Thus if you do not possess any skills, then you can't work on any freelancing website. Primarily it would be best if you learned something valuable and then begin freelancing.

Who is ClickEarners Appropriate For? claims that anyone connected to the Internet can be a virtual assistant, which implies that you can work from anywhere on the planet.

What if things do not work?

It would be best if you did not fear anything as this product has worked for numerous persons, and it will likely be great for you. Though it is a Clickbank product, plus all the Clickbank items come with a money-back program.

Is ClickEarners Recommendable?

Yes! ClickEarners is the website to go to if you are searching for remote work, and it will also present the opportunities you longed for across multiple subdivisions.

4.6/5 - (22 votes)