The Blogging Guru Blueprint Reviews

The Blogging Guru Blueprint is a training course which is designed to teach you the necessary steps needed to start cashing in from blogging.

It conveys several techniques which are known to convert well on the web.

The training course teaches you from the scratch how to set up a blog, create contents, receive traffic through various mediums, building an email list and several ways to monetize the traffic which you get from your blog.

The system uses strategies out there which have been proven to be paying and teaches how to put each of them to work in a breathtaking manner for you.

Who is the author or creator?

Patrick Chan is the author of the Blogging Guru Blueprint. He is well known in the IM community as a productive fellow that always delivers quality results.

Patrick Chan is also a blogger and writer. He is also the best-selling author of WakeUp Millionaire and the co-author of Clicking Cash with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen.

Patrick Chan books are all well-written and are known for producing effective results. Blogging Guru Blueprint was born-out of his desire for aspiring bloggers out there who wants to take advantage of the many benefits of blogging but lack of the necessary knowledge couldn’t let them do so.

What is included in the program?

Apart from the 3 main steps which is divided into modules contained in the Blogging Guru Blueprint, Patrick Chan have also included some amazing bonuses which you will receive alongside the training when you take an action and plunge into the training course. These bonuses include:

The Commission Miner Course

This course teaches you the step by step process you can use to make daily commission from the visitors that visits your blog by offering some bonuses which is related to the products you are selling.

This has been used by many internet marketers and it has proven to be a success and worked like a magic over the years.

The Blogging Guru Plug-in App

This app helps in maintaining your blog and making steady profit. It optimizes the tasks of your blog and does most of the daunting task for you.

The one thing you need do is to install and follow the instructions in order to set it up and things just got super easier for you from there.

The main function is to get rid of the unwanted stuff that comes with new WordPress blog giving you a better user experience as a newbie.

It also sets up meta information, install essential plugins, create terms of use and privacy policy. It handles the promotions, geo-tagging and even call to action.

The Blogging Guru Locker App:

This app will surely skyrocket your ability to make a lot of commissions. Its function is to lock your content so that visitors to your blog will have to subscribe to any of your social media and email list. This also applies to YouTube videos.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The Blogging Guru Blueprint contains 3 main steps which are presented in modules needed to set up your blog, grow and scale it. Each of the modules contains a huge amount of information that can boost certain aspect of your blogging career.

Here is a deep insight into the 3 modules to help you better understand what the training course has in stock for you.

Module 1: Launching Your WordPress Blog

This first module contains 13 step by step video tutorials that explain how to buy a domain and setup WordPress to launch your blog.

Here, you will learn the necessary steps to create a website on WordPress, choose a befitting theme and domain name and how to install it on WordPress.

You also get to know cheap and trusted hosting site to host your blog and how to choose the best hosting plan for your blog.

Getting good keywords and optimization of your blog to rank on search engines were also explained in this module.

Module 2: Blog Traffic

This is 75 step by step video tutorials where tips on how to generate traffic to you blog are discussed. Here, how to get a mailing list and creating an autoresponder for your blog, getting massive subscribers to your products, following up your subscribers and tactics to send emails that are catchy and guarantee high click rate were well explained in this module.

Module 3: Blog Traffic Monetization

This module which has a 48 step by step video tutorial teaches several strategies on traffic monetization. You will be thought in detail how to make use of various affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon and Clickbank in addition to PPC sites like Google Adsense to monetize your blog.


  • The videos contained in the training course are all comprehensive with easy to follow step by step methods.
  • Newbie friendly which is capable of making anyone a guru in blogging.
  • All strategies discussed in the blogging guru blueprint have been implemented and proven to work over the years and still works till date.
  • The product creator, Patrick Chan is a reputable internet marketer and blogger with lot of experience in online marketing industry which makes him a guru in this field.
  • Several methods were discussed in the module giving you a choice to choose what is really convenient for you. This training is not like most half-baked training course all over the internet as it contains detailed explanations.
  • The Blogging Guru Blueprint is worth its price considering the quality of the material you will get in return.
  • The bonuses included in the training course makes it easier to implement what is contained in the module and with this, you are sure of generating income from blogging once you take an action.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

The training course is designed best for those who have strong desire to earn money online but don’t have the necessary knowledge and strategies of what will work for them.

It provides insights into various approaches that are dead simple yet effective in making the big difference.

Does the product work?

The Blogging Guru Blueprint is a well organized, 100% proven, A-Z blogging blueprint that will teach you how to start from scratch and develop your own blog.

All that is needed for this video tutorial to work for you is simply to follow and implement the steps in there.


If you are really interested in making money online but don’t really know how to get started, blogging is a very cool way to start and the Blogging Guru Blueprint is there to put you on the right track.

The advice and teachings from this program is of immense benefit and will help you to build a successful blog that generates income 24/7.