Blast4traffic is a product that allows you to email seventy million targeted prospects or customers each month. According to the organization the emails are no sent as SPAM mail since they are opt-in prospects.

This assists to make sure that you will not put yourself susceptible to being blacklisted or blocked by email organizations or shut-down from your ISP. is what is basically known in internet marketing sector as a safelist. Safelist refers to a list whereby prospects or clients have registered and agreed to receive material information instead of those lists that were created using email harvesting systems.

The company enjoys a list of seventy million opt-in prospects or potential clients, but the customers review somewhat support this claim. It is very cheap to access a list of seventy million for a small price of $ 34.50

Once you login, you are provided with guidelines regarding how to utilize their tools given by tutorial videos. There happens to be several important features including the provision to send colored HTML email ads, the ability to archive as much as ten email messages within your account.

There are two types of those who’ll end-up evaluating this evaluation:

  • Those who simply ordered Blast4traffic
  • Individuals who’re shopping around for purchasing

This is the finest (and longest) item evaluation i have been successful in trying so far. It has a great deal of work and time and i think you will actually have the capacity to virtually cover every little-thing about Blast4traffic that you will have wished to.

Who is the creator or author?

Luke is the creator of, he has been in online marketing since 2005, & has been a renowned writer for since 2013. He is an adrenaline junkie, a nomadic entrepreneur, a professional photographer and a fitness freak.

What is included in the Blast4traffic program?

  • 9 bonuses, which includes software, program and various eBook
  • Ability to send bulk emails
  • Lifetime access to targeted list of seventy million opt-in subscribers
  • Video tutorials with guidelines on how to utilize Blast4traffic

How does it work?

After you sign up, you can create your first batch of email campaign. You’ve the choice to generate your email ads from scratch or even pick from the available ad templates.

Your email or email ads will then be easily sent to prospects. Now this is not your responsibility to ensure that the sent emails get in the recipient’s inbox & not into the spam-folder because this is what is controlled by

You only have to organize your campaign & rest is well taken care of. It’s a one-click email service.

Is it a scam?


Blast4traffic obviously has a large number of email outreach since even those users who were somewhat disappointed with the outcome admitted to getting some hits.

It’s difficult to lay blame: it might be the fault of or it might be that most user’s offering were not enticing.

Before you employ any email marketing services, it’s highly recommended that you try to at least understand the basics of marketing- (by extension internet and email marketing).

Make sure you’ve a great service or product. Only then can you be able to approach email marketing.

Pros of this product

  1. Incredibly user friendly & will work for everyone alike
  2. Simple English language i.e. no complex jargon
  3. 60 days trial version
  4. Easy to use instructions to enable you learn quickly & master the skills
  5. Security advices that make the product reliable as compared to other product alike
  6. Testimonial that can be heard and seen
  7. Full page color ads
  8. You can save ten email ads in your admin provision
  9. Online payment is 100 per cent secured.

Does the product work?

Blst4traffic. Com is a proven, easy to implement program that may assist you to attain your goals quickly and easily.

Unlike any other, Blast4traffic is beautifully made! This happens to be an affiliate support and intensive buyer center.

In addition, it features a back-end workplace that is designed with a number of tools that assist you succeed.

Blast4traffic therefore works, simply because the creator safeguard you as a customer with 100 per cent money back guarantee if you happen not to like their solution.

Blast4traffic has very good name or reputation, is an awesome plan that you require to allocate your trust and time too! Its upgrading appears from its overwhelming-exercising.

It can also function automatically & it will help save you a lot of your time! Unique from other sophisticated and diverse systems. It’s quite understandable and clear!

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

It is ideal for individuals who prefer to use safe mail products or services. Therefore, whenever you feel like using safe mail services, I will recommend you to use It’s also ideal for people who engage in list building.

Where to buy

Buy Blast4traffic form its official site in order for you to get the sixty day money -back guarantee. If you’ve questions and comments about the program, you can contact them as they offer 24/7 customer support.

How much does it cost?

The cost you will incur to use Blast4traffic is $ 34.50. This happens to be a onetime payment.

Recommendation reviews can confirm that this product works. The results of the campaign show that you’ll never be blamed of being an annoying spammer.

No wander reviews points out-that-their site ranks top in Google. If you are simply tired of copying and pasting your ads manually again & again?

If you’re tired about advertising your service or product because you’re not going anywhere with-it or sick about getting counter offers from the-emails-that you send, maybe it is time to change your program that you’re using.

It’s time to make a paradigm shift to a program that will work. It’s definitely time for a change or shift into Blast4trafffic targeted email and ads.

You can confirm that targeted email happens to be the most powerful and most direct method used by successful internet marketer out there.

If you would like at some point to join ranks of these successful-marketer & experience the best break?

All that’s required of you as an online marketer is to simply subscribe to their one time membership fee & you can utilize their simple one-click system to start rolling the ball, & this time it’s in your court.