72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits Book Reviews

The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits Book is a 196-page internet marketing guide that contains amazing marketing techniques.

Reading this book will help you to discover different ways that you can use to make money online and how you can create an online business that is profitable.

About the Author

Patric Chan is the author of this book and he has been doing online marketing since 2003. He has diverse experience in different online marketing niches and he has been featured in eleven different countries as an authoritative speaker on internet marketing.

His marketing concepts are simplified, easy to understand and they have been tried and tested over and over. These marketing concepts have not only been implemented by Patric himself who has built a successful and strong internet brand but also by other renowned companies.

What Is Included In This Book?

The book contains one of the most detailed internet business training that you have ever come across. There are over ten hours of step by step guide on everything that you require in order for you to start making profits online. 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits comes with three core modules:

• Module 1: How to Launch Your Blog

This module outlines how you can build a blog for free. You will get introduced to the most preferred, easiest and widely used platform, WordPress.

• Module 2: Website Monetization Methods

Here, you will learn about ways that you can use to generate money from your blog. Strategies that will be considered include Amazon, affiliate marketing, AdSense etc.

• Module 3: Trafficking of the Website

Once you have set up your WordPress blog and you have devised strategies that you can use to monetize it, you will be taught how you can attract traffic to your blog.

How This Book Works and If It is a Scam

The 72-Amazing Ways to Internet-Profits is a real and bestselling book that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies both online and in local bookstores.

The second edition, which is an upgraded version of the first edition contains new innovative marketing tips and tricks that will help you to navigate marketing on the internet.

Over 50 percent of the initial chapters have been replaced with new ones to cater for the new online marketing trends.

This book contains unique and amazing online marketing guidelines which will help you to make massive profits from your online business.

There is a wide range of e-commerce lessons as well as different types of valuable information which you can use to start and then subsequently expand your online business.

A single marketing tip from this book might be the change that your business needs. Some of the workings of this book include:

  • How you can build your internet business by simply using email marketing.
  • Why old information can be essential in helping you to gain success.
  • The five secrets you can use to get the JV-Partners to market your products or even do business together with you.
  • How you can create an on-demand money over the internet.
  • Find out a new way of getting targeted traffic within just days.
  • What you should know before you begin to build an email list.
  • How you can effectively position your product on the internet market without facing stiff competition and attracting more customers.
  • Three important lessons the author learned at the World Internet Summit.
  • The concept of “quick money” versus “slow money”.
  • How part of the sunglasses assisted the author in creating a marketing strategy that is very powerful.
  • The real secret of achieving internet success.
  • The two main types of product information that you can use to generate more money.
  • The four steps of the writing formula.
  • The secret of getting more money from people.
  • The main question that you need to answer prior to the creation of the product information.
  • How you can create high-quality content just like an expert.
  • The five must-haves that you need to get traffic online by giving your e-book away.
  • The type of marketing strategy that the author uses in nearly all his marketing campaigns.
  • How you can avoid the common pitfall failure of product-launch
  • What the author learned from the business model of Microsoft and so much more. This book has an unlimited source of information about everything you need to know about product information, business models, and internet marketing.

Note that this book is not a scam. The author has an internet marketing experience that spans over fifteen years. It’s an original work and the first version has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Consumer reviews indicate that this book has outstanding benefits to users and it contains online marketing information which can’t be found anywhere else.

Benefits of this Book

  1. Its perfect book for newbies as well as marketers who are experienced.
  2. It’s readily available in amazon.com. The first version of this book is available and sold in local bookstores.
  3. The book is currently available for free. All you need to do is to pay for the handling and shipping expenses and it can be delivered anywhere in the world.

The Ideal Candidate for This Book

This book is perfect for anyone who is interested in internet marketing and wants to make profits. It doesn’t matter if you are still a newbie or an experienced character in the game, the 72-Amazing Ways to Internet-Profit is simply suitable for everyone.

Does the Book Work?

The effectiveness of this book can be proved from the high numbers of orders that have already been made. It’s already a best seller on Amazon and positive consumer reviews indicate that it does work!


If you are doing business online or you have the interest of opening a business over the internet and you wish to learn ways and techniques of making profits, then it’s recommended that you first take a look at the contents of this book.

All the complicated internet marketing strategies are outlined here in a simplified and understandable manner for an ordinary person.