60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula Reviews

So you are starting a new online business, and you have created your website. Now comes the hard part of generating traffic to your site and making sales.

With 60MinuteFreeTrafficFormula.com, you will able to draw traffic to your site. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer researching how-to strategies of increasing traffic to your website or generating leads can take hours.

If you do not have the time to do the research or the money to pay a lead-generation site, then 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula is right for you.

With 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula, you will learn that it takes 60 minutes per day to attract targeted people to your site at no cost to you. You can learn the entire process in a few days.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Ahmed O. Ali created the 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula after many unsuccessful attempts to generate high-quality traffic to his business. Ahmed started his online company in 2003.

Like a lot of people, he did not have a lot of money to spend on paid advertising. Ahmed spent months on free advertising, blogging, SEOs, you-tube, article marketing and many others.

They all were all unsuccessful, so he decided to focus on a few strategies. This turns out to be one of the most successful things to happen to him, so he wants to share these strategies with you.

These strategies are the most successful strategies to make money with online products and business opportunities, and they can be tweaked to fit other markets as well. There is no money out of your pocket, and it only takes a few days to master the whole process.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program includes 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula, Free Traffic formula Ebook course in a pdf format and the Fast Traffic Bots.

The 60 minutes three type of cognitive system is a great long-term traffic generation strategy, but you may need some instant traffic as well, something that can generate traffic and leads today.

This software can be installed on your computer, set it up in no time and then let it automate up to 80% of your traffic generation. With this software, you can generate up to 25 leads per day at no cost to you.

The 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula consists of nine modules, and each one breaks down everything you need to do to be successful.

1. Setting up your Facebook profile. The module shows you how to set up a professional profile photo, a proper cover photo and a description of your business or product.

2. Building your Facebook network. The module will provide strategies to build a network that will make user attracted to your offer and will not to chase them.

3. Commenting. The module will show you how to use comments to increase your visibility, your awareness, and to make you attractive.

4. Liking is important. This module will show how to properly use liking to build relationships, what things, and what to do not like.

5. Personal posts. This module will show how to use personal posts properly to build your visibility on Facebook.

6. Promotion of posts. This module will show how to get people attracted to you and to get users to inquire about your business or product using those posts.

7. Private messaging is also important. This module will show how to start a conversation with targeted prospects and get them interested in your product or business.

8. Advanced marketing strategy. This module will show you how to attract marketer who is trying to picture you with their products and get them to want to know more about your product or business.

9. Daily action plan and time management. This module is important because it will show you how to use your time wisely.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

This 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula will use one traffic generation source, and that is Facebook. With Facebook, you can attract you-tube viewers, network with your targeted audience and build relationships.

This can be done in 60 minutes per day at no cost to you with 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula. Facebook is not about just joining a large group of people, following trends, spamming them with your offer.

It is not about posting and expecting people will click on your link and purchase your product or join a business. This might work for a short time, but it is not a long term strategy, and it is not the right way to do it.

Ahmed shows the right way to do it with 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula. The plan is to direct traffic on Facebook without editing or technical skills.

All you need is an Internet connection, a Facebook account and 60 minutes per day. Facebook is a successful generation of sources because:

1. Facebook has 1.7 billion active users. There are tremendous opportunities to find prospects.

2. Facebook users have spent more than 700 million minutes per month, which is approximate 18 minutes per visit. This is more than enough time for prospects to review your product and get to know your product or business.

3. Facebook will allow you to introduce yourself, build a relationship, and will enable you to connect with people by liking, posting, commenting, and messaging.

Facebook is a great traffic source, and you can utilize this sourcing and get traffic at no cost by spending 60 minutes per day. This product really and it, not a scam

List of Good Points / Pros

  1. Affordable
  2. No experience required
  3. Great passive income
  4. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate for this product is beginners. They tend to have less money because of investments needed to start a business such as a website etc.

The price of the 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula is affordable and Fast Traffic Bots software can get them started right away.

Does The Program Work?

This program really works. You will get full access to the 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula, Free Traffic formula Ebook course in a pdf format and the Fast Traffic Bots.

Guess what it gets better. The company is confident that the product will work; they are offering a full money-back guarantee.

So for any reason, the product does meet your expectations you can request a refund. Just click here and order right now.


I highly recommend the 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula because last year I paid for my advertising and it took a toll.

I purchase leads from three different websites. I also like the price guarantee and that they are an affiliate of Clickbank, and they use Facebook as a resource.