12 Minute Affiliate Reviews

The 12 Minute Affiliate Program is a system which helps people earn money online with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid a percentage for promoting products.

The top 3 most profitable niches are personal development, weight loss, and how to make money online. There are plenty of other niches, but they specifically set you up with products within these three to ensure optimal results in the shortest possible time.

While it's not tough to sort the affiliate products the networks offer, most marketers would rather not have to do this.

The 12 Minute Affiliate Program saves you a lot of time and anguish of looking for the best affiliate offers and it has other features which will get to shortly

Who Is The Creator?

Devon Brown and David Sloan created the 12 Minute Affiliate to help people turn a profit with affiliate marketing without having to buy a domain name, design a website, pay hosting fees, build funnels, write engaging copy and emails, or deal with any coding or intimidating tech.

They have a great reputation as successful affiliate marketers and the customer would merely be replicating their formula. They provide you with an opportunity to have your own business in roughly 12 minutes.

What Is Included In The 12 Minute Affiliate?

You get a checklist of steps which you must follow. There is even an option for them to do the set-up for you. The first step is customizing it so you receive the commissions.

You'll also receive Ready-made affiliate sales funnels which require no coding, editing or hosting since it runs on their servers.

The quality of emails you'll receive would typically cost around $50 per email from a professional copywriter and you get a seemingly endless amount of them. You also will receive access to their private Facebook community and loads of private training.

They also have a Funnel Wizard which also you to make your Customized funnels in minutes. This is great if you already promote a product or offer and would like to add it to the system.

A 14-day trial costs only $9.95 and rebills at $47 per month. Similar programs cost double and provide less. You'll also receive bonus pdfs, one of which is about free traffic sources.

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work? Is It a Scam?

We can confidently say it is not a scam. Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but it's not easy either. Put simply, affiliate marketing comes down to driving traffic to an offer and building a list containing the email addresses of people who are interested in your product.

Most people won't spend their hard-earned money on a digital product or service until they've received a free product, otherwise known as a lead magnet, and have been warmed up with at least a few emails.

The easy part is finding for most marketers is providing a great product with a valuable lead magnet. However, the hard part is finding great traffic sources and sending emails which convert.

Another problem which arises with most other DFY(Done-For-You) Systems is they only send emails to your list which promote their product or the same product.

This aggravates people and lowers the open rate of your emails. The 12 Minute Affiliate Program sends them whatever is the top-selling program related to the niche in which they're interested. You also don't have to worry about traffic if you order their DFY traffic.

This is not a great rich quick scheme or a product which has a weak trial version just looking for you to upgrade. While that is their goal, you receive a lot with the trial membership.

It works by streamlining the process by picking which products you'll promote, creating a squeeze page, sales page and sending email swipes which are proven to work.

They claim this is all worth over $7,000 and if you do the math, they're correct. The bonuses alone are worth over $1,500 which make this worth trying.


  1. Setup Is Simple but can be Done-For-You
  2. DFY Traffic is Available
  3. No need to build sales pages
  4. Lots of testing and research went into creating This Product
  5. 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  6. You earn a commission for what you sell and none of the commission goes to them
  7. Email Swipes are Written By Expert Affiliate Marketers
  8. It's 100% Legitimate
  9. After the set-up process is complete, no maintenance is required on your end
  10. Lots of Bonus Products come included

The good outweighs the bad and the only con isn't much of a con. Limiting yourself to 3 niches or less is more efficient than trying to promote everything under the sun.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The 12 Minute Affiliate?

Technically anyone serious about affiliate marketing. The prime candidates for the 12 Minute Affiliate are people with at least a little knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing even if they weren't successful so far. It's not made for lazy people, but rather the people who can use a helping hand.

New affiliate marketers can effectively use the program to help guide them so they don't waste time or money promoting the wrong products, building bad landing pages or funnels, or using outdated tactics. While results may vary, you don't have to worry about whether or not you're promoting a bad or low-demand product.

Which not only makes this product great for beginners who aren't skilled in creating sales funnels, but also experienced affiliate marketers who are looking to save time, for those who need new products to promote, or need a simpler way to work.

Regardless of your experience level, this product is only for serious affiliate marketers, not someone who expects it to do everything for them.

Does The 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

Yes, this product works and is not a scam. As mentioned above, there is not a product in existence which allows you to make money for doing absolutely nothing.

People who are smart and industrious will make sure they get the most of this and use it to build a stream of passive income.

That said, affiliate marketing is more successful when you create videos and other visual content because most people do not want to spend money with a faceless promoter. This isn't necessary, but the fact remains; video converts much.

It's also wise to get your face out there because a major factor in affiliate marketing is reputation, and no matter how well a system works, or how great the reputation of the creator is, people will only go through you if you can prove you're not scamming them either. However, you won't be promoting bad products


Whether you're new or have been crushing it for years, this is a product is worth the trial membership. Run a campaign and see how it goes.

If you like what you see, it wouldn't be a bad idea dive in and get the monthly membership and eventually upgrade to the lifetime membership once you've made enough money to cover the cost.

The best part is you can promote the product if you love it by sharing your experience with it.